Jesse Has Gone Rogue!

24 November 2013

Remember when Jesse said "we'll work on one room at a time"? Well, I guess he has decided that his involvement in the spare bedroom is done. Therefore, he has started work on our chain cabinet.... and... I am not complaining!

You may have seen this Pinterest Ikea Hack floating around:

When we where deciding if we where going purchase this house, we had stumbled across this pin and really loved their results. We where inspired to try to recreate the "hack". For the most part Jesse has been following the instructions posted on their website.

Click here for the original Ikea Hack inspiration instructions and blog post! 

Here is his progress:
Original Ikea Hemnes Cabinets. FYI - Ikea recently changed the design on this style of cabinet, therefore we where able to pick up this model in their last chance sale. 

The cabinets where too long for the wall. 

Therefore, our solution was to build out the wall. 

Molding started

Molding and lattice pieces up! 

x, Shan
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