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14 September 2014

This is the first item I picked for the house. It's up and I'm in love!

Other exciting news includes: 
We have purchased the Stikwood for the entry wall design
We have purchased a sofa for the living, best part it's not Ikea.
We started to plan the kitchen/fridge remodel

Wallpaper: Cole & Sons Woods in Taupe & White.

Sorry for the crap iPhone Pictures... I'm to cheap to buy a real camera! 

Kitchen Planning

13 September 2014

We where hoping to knock out this project completely by ourselves. Our goal is to place the fridge into this very deep wall separating the kitchen and dining space. For us it's a no brainer to pick up additional square footage in the kitchen, plus eliminate the awkward narrowness to get to the back door.

We did notice that there is HVAC and electric running through the wall, but we were not sure how much space they actually took up. Therefore we decided to cut small hole in the wall to see what we're dealing with.... As, it turns out we actually only needed to cut a tiny hole in the wall because we realize there's an entire brick wall behind the drywall.

Here's the game plan...

Oh what fun... We turned to Angie's List to find a contractor.

After speaking to the drafter the contractor sent over, we need completely demo all the drywall to see if it is a feasible task to take on. We are currently debating if we should tackle this project...  the best case scenario would be that when they remodeled the home they placed a support beam across the width of the home.  If it's not there, then its a really costly remodel. 

Finally... progress and a blog post!

07 September 2014

Jesse and I have been busy bees this summer. This year we managed to balance it all: work, life, fun and home improvement projects. It helps when you decide to reprioritize your needs quickly and often... but that's a story for another day.

Regarding the house, while we still have some outstanding projects in the basement and spare bedroom, we decided to focus on the first floor. We have gotten rid of the notion of "one room at a time" (ha!) and decided to attack what we can now on the first floor.

After we finished the small details on the Ikea china cabinet hack, I wanted a wine rack built asap! This is the first project we didn't totally wing... or I'll dream and Jes reacts... you know what I mean! Jes actually used Google for it's true intention. He decided to "look up shit to make smarter decisions". We discussed design, made a drawing, took measurements, and shopped for materials. What!?! 

Here is the before & after pictures. I LOVE Jes for building this!! Now, I need more wine.

x, Shan
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Current State of Affairs

20 July 2014

For me blogging is a simple way to update friends and family about our progress with the house without having to tell the same story over and over. There is no pressure to plan updates or fix grammatical errors. Blogging allows me to share the moments worth sharing, laugh at our mistakes, and remind us of the progress we have made.

Currently, we are still working on the never ending dining room china cabinet. We need to scrape paint of the glass doors and finish sanding, priming, and painting the bottom four drawers.

In the living room, the gallery wall above the sofa is almost complete. I have to order prints for the remaining frames. I just need to find a vendor that prints your Instagram pictures in to 5x5 prints. In addition to the gallery wall, I have finished styling the pipe shelf unit Jesse made. It seemed like the right spot to the obligatory wedding shrine for child-less couples. Lastly, we are in the middle of painting the ceiling a very light white-ish grey color.

Just to make sure we do not loose focus of where we are going with the design of the living room, I have inspiration taped up on the wall. On a positive note, I have ordered the Cole & Son's wallpaper. This will go below the chair rail in dining and living rooms.

As if we did not have enough going on, we are starting on a new area of the house. We started painting over the horrible green paint in the upstairs hallway and are completing a new Ikea build in hack with Rast.

x, Shan
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The Never Ending Project(s)

05 June 2014

Where should I begin....

For starters - I should admit that we have a problem. When we purchased the house, Jes made me swear that we would focus on one area at at time. However, I get 90% of the project completed, then move on to the next item. Leaving 10% to be finished "some time" in the future.

As we approached the finish line with the basement make-over, we where feeling exhausted of home projects... plus with the horrible winter, we wanted a break from everything! Therefore, we went to Mexico for a week to rest and relax!

When we came back from vacation, we where recharged and ready to knock off more items from our very long "to-list". Instead of completing the spare bedroom and the basement, (I just have a few arts and crafts projects to make the rooms complete) we decided to retackle the Ikea China Cabinet hack.

If you remember, before the holidays Jes went rouge and tried to complete this project on his own. Unfortunately, he didn't realize in order to paint the cabinet you need to sand off the finish and prime the unit.  With in three weeks we had paint peeling right off the cabinet.

Therefore Memorial Day weekend we thought we could tackle this beast of a project.....


.... nope! Nearly two weeks later and we are still working on putting it back together. Hopefully we can finish it this weekend! Providing Philly's Beer Week doesn't get in the way.

x, Shan

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