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07 September 2014

Jesse and I have been busy bees this summer. This year we managed to balance it all: work, life, fun and home improvement projects. It helps when you decide to reprioritize your needs quickly and often... but that's a story for another day.

Regarding the house, while we still have some outstanding projects in the basement and spare bedroom, we decided to focus on the first floor. We have gotten rid of the notion of "one room at a time" (ha!) and decided to attack what we can now on the first floor.

After we finished the small details on the Ikea china cabinet hack, I wanted a wine rack built asap! This is the first project we didn't totally wing... or I'll dream and Jes reacts... you know what I mean! Jes actually used Google for it's true intention. He decided to "look up shit to make smarter decisions". We discussed design, made a drawing, took measurements, and shopped for materials. What!?! 

Here is the before & after pictures. I LOVE Jes for building this!! Now, I need more wine.

x, Shan
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