Jesse Has Gone Rogue!

24 November 2013

Remember when Jesse said "we'll work on one room at a time"? Well, I guess he has decided that his involvement in the spare bedroom is done. Therefore, he has started work on our chain cabinet.... and... I am not complaining!

You may have seen this Pinterest Ikea Hack floating around:

When we where deciding if we where going purchase this house, we had stumbled across this pin and really loved their results. We where inspired to try to recreate the "hack". For the most part Jesse has been following the instructions posted on their website.

Click here for the original Ikea Hack inspiration instructions and blog post! 

Here is his progress:
Original Ikea Hemnes Cabinets. FYI - Ikea recently changed the design on this style of cabinet, therefore we where able to pick up this model in their last chance sale. 

The cabinets where too long for the wall. 

Therefore, our solution was to build out the wall. 

Molding started

Molding and lattice pieces up! 

x, Shan
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Jes + Shan

Project: Spare Bedroom Update

Now that the dresser is stained an new hardware has been added, I think I need a chance to review what I have left for this project.

Here is where we stand:
Walls painted
Dresser stained and new hardware added
Additional bedding purchased
Storage purchased for the top of the closets
I found a home for a hand-me down end table and Jesse's Cigars
I also found a new home for our old powder room mirror

New bedding & more colors! 
Hand-me down end table, cigars and a reused mirror.
Here is what I want to accomplish to complete the room:

I want a lamp for on top of the dresser - I am seeing lots that will work, however nothing I'm in love with. Which means I am probably being way too pick and driving Jesse insane.

With the hand-me down end table and the reused mirror, I would will to refinish the items to help blend in to the over all "design" of the room. They are standing out like sore thumbs.... right?

I want to figure out a cheap solution for new frames for the landscaping art pieces.

After those three projects have been completed, then we are 90% done! I would like to install an Elfa closet solution and change out the main light fixture to a ceiling fan. However, those are expensive projects that can wait a year or two.

x, Shan
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Jes + Shan

Hand-me Down Dresser, Part 2

23 November 2013

Well after a very long week, the dresser is finally done! Here are the results:

For the record, staining on carpet is not a good idea. You will most likely end up with a large stain if you do not put down cardboard or a outdoor tarp. However, thank God for Google & WD-40.... due to a panic stricken Internet search, I found that WD-40 will help lift the stain.

                                      Before - WTF!
 After - What!?!

x, Shan
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Jes + Shan

Hand-me Down Dresser, Part 1

17 November 2013

Continuing with the spare bedroom makeover, my parents donated a dresser to the cause. It's in ok condition; the color is a little dated and it's missing a few hardware pieces.

After a complete inspection, we notice it wasn't solid wood. There was a fiberglass material for the drawer fronts. After some research, I found Minawax manufactured a gel stain that works on fiberglass and other non-wood surfaces. Great - time to goes to Lowes!!

Ahhh... It looks like Lowes no longer wants to carry the product. The only cans I found where on clearance and in a blond color. In a bit of a pinch, I start looking at the Minwax PloyShades. It's stain and polyurethane all in one step. I figured I would go home an try it out... my alternative is to paint!

Before staining completely 
Drawer front detail with one coat of stain
The Minwax PloyShades proved to be successful, therefore I continued to stain the whole dresser in the Bombay Mahogany color. I would recommend that you follow the manufactures directions and paint at least two coats. Trust you'll think one coat looks great - but two looks event better!

The final outcome.... well, I'll save that for tomorrow!

x, Shan
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Project: Spare Bedroom

10 November 2013

While my head has been in the living room, I quickly realized that we need to get our spare bedroom ready in time for the holidays!

Progress has started on the gallery wall in the living room. Meaning, I've mapped out where the art will actually sit on the wall and that's really about it...

Since I constantly have Jesse's nagging voice saying "one room at a time...". I would like to introduce the official project of the moment - the spare bedroom, aka the room full of hand-me downs. I should not need too much to whip this room in to shape. Plus, I'll get the added bonus of feeling good about completing another project.

I have decided the colors that seller used... Um, had to go! It's the bedroom that gets the most light and it felt gloomy. We choose to use Benjamin Moore Lancaster Whitewash on the walls and White Dove for the trim. To add a nice visual contrast, I decide to paint one wall Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

The bed was a hand-me down from a downsized company apartment (very like new condition!!!). The coverlet was a something I had purchased in hopes of changing up our bedding, but never got around to changing. The art was created by Jesse's grandmother, just need to find a cheap fix to those frames.

Right now we are off to a good start with the basics... Just need to add some character! Oh, and paint above the closets!

x, Shan
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Drop Off Zone

02 November 2013

While I was contemplating the gallery wall for the living room, I also started conceptualizing a drop off zone next to our front door. We really have simple needs for this area, however I have a pretty complex design idea. I can just envision Jesse now complaining why I have to make everything overly complicated.

Our needs consist of hooks for coats and a small shelf to place keys and phones. When I draw it out of paper it looks pretty straight forward... 

To add additional texture, pattern, and visual interest to the room, I want to create a herringbone white washed wood wall. Once again I created a semi-scaled mock up of my "vision" to walk Jesse through my though process.

Jesse will love the plaid coat :)

x, Shan
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