Basement: What is next?

23 February 2014

We have made some big changes in the space, but we are not done.... Here is what we have left:

Finish touch up paint
Finish the section of the wall Jesse took down for the washer & dryer
Find & purchase a new rug
Find & purchase a new light fixture
Reupholster sofa pillows
Reupholster the office chair... may add a little more height too
Purchase & install the Elfa hardware center
Sell old furniture items on Craigslist

Anyone want to deal with this pile of junk?

x, Shan
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Jes + Shan

Basement: Elfa Entertainment Wall

We are still working on the basement, however we have made a huge progress by installing the main Elfa entertainment wall. While the space isn't fully decorated and accessorized - I can not get over how much this one project has transformed the way I feel about our basement.

Before Pictures:

Concept Picture:
After pictures:

All my pictures are taken using my phone, therefore the quality is not fantastic.... o'well!

x, Shan
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Jes + Shan

Basement: Making progress

07 February 2014

We have the the walls painted, and it makes a huge difference! The space feels brighter and cleaner... though it's not actually cleaner...

I repurposed some old art and new toss pillows. As you can see from the picture above, we still need to find a rug and some new fabric for the red and blue toss pillows.

We are trying not to spend too much in this space, but we are in dire need of storage! Therefore I looked in to my new obsession, Elfa from the Container Store. Jes and I conceptualized this Elfa makeover for this main wall.

With the 30% Elfa sale ending this weekend, we better run to to store!

x, Shan
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Jes + Shan

Basement: Before Pictures

01 February 2014

Let the basement make over begin!
For good measure, here are the before pictures.

x, Shan
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Jes + Shan

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