Moving is painful...

30 April 2013

I started this blog with every intention to post nearly every other day - maybe a bit ambitious, however I still thought it was attainable.

Until.... we actually had to move. It took us about a week to pack up our old apartment. It's amazing how much stuff one can accumulate by residing in the same place for six years! I don't remember moving taking this long when I was in college.

Mambo Movers came the Saturday after our settlement date. Simply amazing! In four hours they had moved us from our 6th floor apartment North of Center City to our little townhouse in South Philly. They had no problem moving our heavy boxes of books down to our finished basement... using the world most uneven and narrow stairs. If you live in the Philadelphia area, I highly recommend using them.

Finally, the moment we have been waiting for, we are officially moved in to the new house! Except we have to un-pack! Ugh, pour me a glass of wine... this is going to take forever.

x, Shan
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Jes & Shan

Settlement Tomorrow!

14 April 2013

To be honest, I didn't think we would get here... our last inspection resulted in an additional repair list for the seller and a credit request. Jes met with them during the week and everything seems to be on track. I guess we will know first thing Monday morning! Fingers crossed!
Until then.... we need to pack!

x, Shan
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Jes & Shan

Curb Appeal

12 April 2013

I love the fact that Spring is officially here! Mostly because people have started to place plants their window boxes. It just makes my walk to work so much more pleasant.

A co-worker passed along some friendly house hunting tips, the one that suck out in my mind was make sure you actually look down the street. Is trash being picked up? Are there over grown weeds in the sidewalk? Does the neighbors have holiday lights up in July? Do people have window boxes (preferably with real plants)?

I am not sure why all these items stuck out - but, they did. Our new neighborhood is a part of a new up and coming part of town, therefore it doesn't have some of the beautifully landscaped town homes like our current neighborhood. Therefore, in order to change this, I need to be a part of the change! They say you lead by example, right?

Jes has already made me promise:
(a) that I will only work on decorating one room at a time,
(b) I have to finish the room before moving on to the next space,
and (c) I have to take time/breaks between each project in order to replenish capital (meaning he doesn't want to go broke in the process!).

In the hopes of pursing Jes to want to paint the front door purple  I came up with this primitive drawing of the "goal" outcome of the front of the house.

I would love to see:
  • Windows and door get a thick white wood trim 
  • Black shutters and window flower boxes
  • A deep purple/aubergine front door
  • A great entry light sconce 
  • Some type of art (maybe stained glass) above the door

I think he'll be on board! This might have wait to be next Spring... but I'll be sure to blog about it once it happens! See the inspiration pins:

x, Shan
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Jes & Shan

Five Days Away

10 April 2013

This past Monday we had our final inspection with Pilar and Post. I have to admit walking through the house days before the settlement has me nervous, excited, and anxious.

The house is located in an area that is hoping for a turn around. While it's quite possible that it can happen, and if you listen to real estate blogs - it will happen. It's really a matter of time. This makes me nervous and anxious; I am not known for having a ton of patience.

The house is a perfect fit for a starter home. It's 1,100 square feet with two bedrooms and small back patio. The prior owner purchased the property to flip - so everything has been almost gutted and renewed. The basement is finished, the upstairs is carpeted, and the main bathroom is big!

Settlement is 5 days away! I can't wait to paint... hehe

x, Shan
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Jes & Shan


08 April 2013

Oh - I have a love & hate relationship with Pinterest. I love how it inspires me. I hate how I lose track of time while on Pinterest.

Jes & I decided that we would seriously consider buying a home this year  - seconds after the decision, I started pinning away! Looking for ideas for what we want in a home and, well mostly, how to decorate a home. Here is a hodgepodge of my favorite pins:

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted."
- John Lennon

x, Shan
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Jes & Shan

Hello world!

06 April 2013

I'm back - officially this time. It's been a long time since I felt the desire to blog, however I have a new project in the works! Jesse and I are buying a home.

NOW... we have something to write about! So follow us and join in our adventures in decorating, our ups and downs, and watch as we *try* to keep it all together.

Settlement is nine days away - I can't wait to share.

x, Shan
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Jes & Shan

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