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12 April 2013

I love the fact that Spring is officially here! Mostly because people have started to place plants their window boxes. It just makes my walk to work so much more pleasant.

A co-worker passed along some friendly house hunting tips, the one that suck out in my mind was make sure you actually look down the street. Is trash being picked up? Are there over grown weeds in the sidewalk? Does the neighbors have holiday lights up in July? Do people have window boxes (preferably with real plants)?

I am not sure why all these items stuck out - but, they did. Our new neighborhood is a part of a new up and coming part of town, therefore it doesn't have some of the beautifully landscaped town homes like our current neighborhood. Therefore, in order to change this, I need to be a part of the change! They say you lead by example, right?

Jes has already made me promise:
(a) that I will only work on decorating one room at a time,
(b) I have to finish the room before moving on to the next space,
and (c) I have to take time/breaks between each project in order to replenish capital (meaning he doesn't want to go broke in the process!).

In the hopes of pursing Jes to want to paint the front door purple  I came up with this primitive drawing of the "goal" outcome of the front of the house.

I would love to see:
  • Windows and door get a thick white wood trim 
  • Black shutters and window flower boxes
  • A deep purple/aubergine front door
  • A great entry light sconce 
  • Some type of art (maybe stained glass) above the door

I think he'll be on board! This might have wait to be next Spring... but I'll be sure to blog about it once it happens! See the inspiration pins:

x, Shan
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