Hand-me Down Dresser, Part 1

17 November 2013

Continuing with the spare bedroom makeover, my parents donated a dresser to the cause. It's in ok condition; the color is a little dated and it's missing a few hardware pieces.

After a complete inspection, we notice it wasn't solid wood. There was a fiberglass material for the drawer fronts. After some research, I found Minawax manufactured a gel stain that works on fiberglass and other non-wood surfaces. Great - time to goes to Lowes!!

Ahhh... It looks like Lowes no longer wants to carry the product. The only cans I found where on clearance and in a blond color. In a bit of a pinch, I start looking at the Minwax PloyShades. It's stain and polyurethane all in one step. I figured I would go home an try it out... my alternative is to paint!

Before staining completely 
Drawer front detail with one coat of stain
The Minwax PloyShades proved to be successful, therefore I continued to stain the whole dresser in the Bombay Mahogany color. I would recommend that you follow the manufactures directions and paint at least two coats. Trust you'll think one coat looks great - but two looks event better!

The final outcome.... well, I'll save that for tomorrow!

x, Shan
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