Kitchen Planning

13 September 2014

We where hoping to knock out this project completely by ourselves. Our goal is to place the fridge into this very deep wall separating the kitchen and dining space. For us it's a no brainer to pick up additional square footage in the kitchen, plus eliminate the awkward narrowness to get to the back door.

We did notice that there is HVAC and electric running through the wall, but we were not sure how much space they actually took up. Therefore we decided to cut small hole in the wall to see what we're dealing with.... As, it turns out we actually only needed to cut a tiny hole in the wall because we realize there's an entire brick wall behind the drywall.

Here's the game plan...

Oh what fun... We turned to Angie's List to find a contractor.

After speaking to the drafter the contractor sent over, we need completely demo all the drywall to see if it is a feasible task to take on. We are currently debating if we should tackle this project...  the best case scenario would be that when they remodeled the home they placed a support beam across the width of the home.  If it's not there, then its a really costly remodel. 

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