Getting back in the saddle

23 January 2014

The holidays are officially over. Therefore, we have to start getting back on track with our house projects....

I have to admit it was nice to stop working on projects all together, we really took time to ourselves to be absolutely lazy! We accomplished a few small projects here and there, but our biggest accomplishment was power watching through 4.5 seasons of the Good Wife!

Here is a short summary of what we accomplished during our winter break:

1. We got the Ikea china cabinet hack looking presentable for the holidays. However Jes skipped the primer, he was under the impression it was built in to the paint color.... It's already started to peel, and now we have to scrape and repaint. But it looked good for the holiday visitors!

2. We built a little Nick-nack shelf for the living room out of plumbing pipes...

3. We installed our first Elfa project... and we've officially joined the Elfa cult!

x, Shan
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