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03 May 2013

Jes and I where lucky to find a recently re-modeled and flipped home that we agreed on; meaning we have very little initial work that needs to be done. We walked through a fair amount of homes looking for "our home". We saw gently loved and in-lived in homes, extremely outdated homes with LOTS of character, and re-modeled/shinny new homes.

Picking a home is really stressful - it's where you are going to live for the next five to seven years! Maybe even longer.... which might put some self-imposed pressure to make the "right" selection. Despite what they tell you, the process is NOT FUN. This is just my opinion... I would much rather negotiate the price on any house than go though the selection of the "right" house. Good thing I had Jesse; he was very vocal in what he wanted.

Once you make the selection, you start making the big project list. For us it's: (1) purchase a washer and dryer, (2) figure out how to get more square footage in the kitchen, and (3) create great curb appeal for the front of the house.

It's not until you have lived in a place for one day that you realize the little things that are missing... a mailbox, towel bars, and a toilet paper holder. It's the little things that take you to Lowes three days a week. It's not just buying the towel bar - it's buying the drill bit to make holes in tile, the right anchors for the bar, and some other little doodads that I can't explain their purpose.

This is where Jesse gets to show off his "handyman" skills. This is where I pour a glass of wine and crack-up over these "manly" attributes.  Jes has successfully installed our mailbox, two towel bars, and (with the help of my dad) changed our dining room light fixture.

The mailbox instructions listed four steps for installation -  Jes took about 35. Our bathroom fixtures are an ongoing "project", it's taken three days for the towel bars... and we still have a toilet paper holder to install. The light fixture was the easiest and was done within a few hours. All kidding aside, I am proud of Jes for tackling these tasks. He has never had to do anything like this before, he just needs to figure them out at his own pace.

x, Shan
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