Not so happy day.

05 May 2013

Ever since I moved out of my parents house at 19 years old, all I've ever wanted is my own washer and dryer. That's it! For the last ten years, I have been using common area apartment laundromats... It's was horrible. Hauling pounds of dirty laundry down to the scary basement, eight floors below, taking the nasty smelling fright elevator. Trying to avoid conversations with the crazy cat lady.

Finally, the day came where my Prince Charming purchased our very own washer and dryer. A shinny new white matching set. Best part, Lowes was ready to install next day. Complete bliss!

Jes swore up and down that he made all the measurements.... Well the installers came, looked at our stairs and said it wasn't going to fit. They made an attempt - it wasn't going to fit. So they dropped off the machines in the living room. Fail.

But it gets better.... Jes came home and insisted he and I could get the machines down the stairs. Not joking... Jes and I make an attempt to move the dryer downstairs. Jes measured everything but the distance between the ceiling and the steps. Turns out the machine is too tall to make down the stairs.

Great - we had the dryer half way down the steps. Then, all of a sudden Jes gets the idea that the dryer can fit if we knock down a section of the wall... Yep, the hammer came out...

Mid way through taking down the wall, Jes had a change of heart, and decided we needed to bring the dryer back to the living room. WTF!?!

So, now I'm left with a giant hole and a washer and dryer set waiting to be installed.

x, Shan
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