Momentum is lost

11 May 2013

I have been struggling to find the momentum to finish unpacking. It makes me think...

  • Do I really need what is inside those boxes? 
  • Have I missed not having those items out? 
  • Would I need to re-buy anything if I just donated the boxes without opening them? 
  • Do I even remember what is in the boxes?? Probably.... um, not! 

Jes and I hit "a wall" with the whole washer and dryer not fitting in to the basement on the delivery day. Knowing that we where able to get the dryer halfway down the stairs, we decided returning the units where not an option. Therefore we turned to Angie's List to find some general contractors. We came up with the idea of completely remodling our basement steps, in the mist of the remodel we would bring down the washer and dryer.

  • Three out of the four contractors reached out after our initial email. 
  • Two contractors came out to officially quote the job. 
  • One contractor said it wasn't possible. 
  • The other gave us a $2,000 estimate, but hasn't responded to our follow up questions. 

Therefore, we are back to trying to do it ourselves... again. Jes is convinced that we can remove the section of the drywall back (you know the hole he has already created) and that would give enough  clearance for the machines. I have convinced Jes that we should paint the laundry room now before we can bring everything in.

While I wasn't looking to have the laundry room be our first project, out of necessity,  it's going to have to be.  Therefore, I have a new Pinterest board! I have to admit - I LOVE the big open laundry areas. However I need to find a tiny (very tiny) laundry solution! But, it's always good to look at everything for inspiration.

x, Shan
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