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24 October 2013

Oh I love Etsy & Pinterest... With all these discounted, one day sale, e-commerce stores popping up (Fab, Joss & Main, Gilt, etc...) I almost forgot about my love for Etsy. Since I decided to start on this "gallery" wall for the living room, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to revisit my old sweetheart, Etsy.

Coming up with a theme was easy. Since Jes & I have decided to create a home of... stuff we love + cabin wishes + urban pioneer realities. I thought why not have all that (whatever "that" really is) summed up in this gallery wall.

Since Pinterest has really become the home decor encyclopedia, I will allow you to search though thousands of inspiration pictures and how-to guides regarding gallery walls. You'll note that there are not any rules when it comes to creating one of these. You can have what I call the "Type A" or the "Type B" looks. Since our old apartment had a collection of black and white photos gathered in to a very straight rectangle (*cough*... very Type A), I figured would do something a little bit different.

I searched Etsy up and down using keywords like, philadelphia, cabin, hipster, rural, etc... and came up with a TON of stuff. While I would love to purchase everything and see how this puzzle of the gallery wall fits together - I can't do that without going broke! Since I am starting from scratch with this collection, I needed a way to plan my Etsy purchases. Therefore, I decided to use MS Powerpoint (Side note: I would love Illustrator and Photoshop, but for my truly basic needs I can make powerpoint work). 

I measured out a space where the gallery wall would go, created a scale, and then adjust the page size of the powerpoint slide. Using screenshots of all the art images, I sized down to scale and placed the item in powerpoint. This is where I ran in to my first road block. I had a hard time figuring out where to start in this collection. Therefore I allowed my obsessive tendencies kick in... I drew in lines to mark the center and then created a center oval to "direct" the collection shape. By using this technique I helped create a sense of balance with in the collection... well, I hope I did. Once I had the frame work completed, I was able to picked and plop items until I was happy with the collection.

This gallery wall was created with art from my personal collection & Etsy Sellers: MetalMelersllc, joystclaire, BrandiFitzgerald, LisaRussoFineArt, allsonostertag, embiscuitpics. Click here for listings.

Now how do I sell this collection (and expense) to Jesse...

By showing him the whole picture!

I still laugh at my so-called scaled creations on powerpoint! LOL! They work and they help me explain my "internal thought process" to Jesse.

x, Shan
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