Project: Powder Room

18 June 2013

I have been dying to start this project, it would have done the first if we didn't have a need for a luandry room. One thing you have to understand about me is that I LOVE bold prints. I'm not sure why, but the little crazier the better.

When I was thinking about what to do with our powder room my mind went towards wallpaper! So I headed over to my favorite wallpaper manufacture, Cole & Sons. They put together some of the worlds best prints. It's a heavy price tag, however when you consider that they are still hand produced you can justify the extra dollars. At least that was my logic when I told Jes how much two rolls of paper.

From the Fornasetti II Collection, I went with Teatro 97/14043.
Picture Credit - Company Website

It might be a litte creepy for the powder room; all these theater goers watching you use "the loo".  However, I think that's why I love it - it's just very unexpected!

x, Shan
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