Weekend Warriors... I think not!

13 July 2013

It's been nearly one month since my last post.... By now I had hoped to shared my completely finished powder room and tell you all about my next great project. However, I've come to realization that  HGTV "lies" to you. Projects take MORE than a weekend or three days when you are not professionals. Home projects are not easy, despite what is shown on tv.

I've also come to the conclusion that Jesse is not quite as clam and collected as he seemed before we purchased the house. We learned that he is not the skilled laborer he thought he was... He really just likes buying and playing with power tools. One day he'll figure it out... At least lets hope! 

So what have we done since my last post? We managed to hang the wallpaper in the powder room. It's not entirely straight, but after all the heart, sweat, tears and words we had over this paper... It's staying bloody up! Lesson learned, Jes and I can not work on wallpapering as a team. I am too much of a perfectionist in aligning patterns. We also started in the wainscoting in the powder room. This is where we learned we shouldn't let "ego" get in the way of a project and that it's smart research project before starting. With how many smart devices we have in the house, it doesn't help if we don't use them. 

In frustration with the wainscoting, Jes & I needed to take on different projects. Working together is not as fun or joyful "as seen on tv". Therefore, I jumped a head to the next logical project.

Current status of the powder room:

Items left to do:
(1.) Finish wainscoting/trim work
(2.) Fix oddly cut crown molding
(3.) Chalk seams
(4.) Paint
(5.) Hang toilet paper holder

x, Shan
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