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16 June 2013

I feel that this laundry room project lasted forever! Stuff that I had planned on reusing ended up not working, therefore new solutions needed to be found. In the meantime, we ended up getting side tracked with my need for a container garden and Jes' need for new power tools.

My part of the project is completed - Well, I have to clean up some old paint and drywall mud of the pipes. Also, figure out a solution for the drainage hoses. Jes owes the project a countertop that will sit over the washer and dryer. However - I'm done at 90% complete.

Before Pictures:

After pictures:
First off let me apologize for the quality of the photos, I'm using my iPhone with a wide angle lens attachment from photojojo. If you look closely you can see the dent marks on my dryer from when Jes & I tried to move the dryer downstairs by ourselves. For now, I can live without a countertop over the appliances. Once it's installed it will provide a nice clean line and countertop space for folding (ha!). I was able to find a drying rack that folds up in to itself at the Container Store (seriously, the best store EVER!). Hopefully, with the installation of this small gadget we can stop using our dinning room chairs as drying racks.

From the Container Store, I also found a great utility hook for brooms & mops. I was also able to reuse our old Ikea Kitchen items here for additional utility needs. The prior owner didn't consider a drainage for the washer machine, hence the big ugly black hose. We'll need to do something with this.... but what I have zero idea. There is also another smaller drainage hose, that we need to secure to the wall and paint over.

We had to install shelves to store cleaning supplies and stuff... nothing special ... but we did manage to paint behind the appliances! It's done rather poorly, but it's better than looking at untouched drywall. The paint color is Betsy Ross Hose Moss by Valspar, available at Lowes.

Products used:

 x, Shan
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