Simple Side Tables (Ikea Hack)

15 September 2014

Like a few people on the internet, I have been obsessing over these little side tables with a gold branch details. After spending a considerable amount on our sofa and wood planking, I decided it was time to start looking at Ikea hacks online for side tables.

The search results yielded a lot of Lack side table hacks. since we have had something from the Lack line in our apartments since college, I wanted some else. Then towards the end of my search, I found this little gem...

It's exactly what I'm looking for! Google must have been reading my mind...

The hack is so simple and brilliant. It's a no brainier. 

We quickly sprinted to Ikea to purchase the Lindved side table. Just a quick tip, always wake up early and go to Ikea if you know exactly what you want.... Otherwise you'll be in line for days! Each table was $20. Then we headed over to the Home Depot for Rustoleoem spray paint. I was able to pick up three cans of the Champange Mist. 

Each table used one spray can of paint. 

1 comment:

Kathleen White said...

Can you tell me how you spray painted these? Did you tape off the top of the table and spray away on the legs?


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